Trump Supporters Invade Impeachment Marches Nationwide

CAIR Backed Marches Calling For Impeachment

All across the nation on Sunday marches calling for the impeachment of President Donald Trump took place.  Not surprisingly a lot of the funding for the marches came from the Muslim brotherhood backed organization CAIR. But unlike the marches which nationally disrespect the presidency and America, Trump supporters invaded and partook in counter marches to combat the marxist subhumans. and promote respect for the presidency.

In San Diego, California I covered the ridiculousness as it unfolded for The Red Elephants YouTube channel live and uncut.  Even though I attended without any specific apparel that pointed toward any bias, people still obviously recognized me and even knew I was a bald guy.  One man with the local socialist partycalled me ‘alt-right Caillou,’ a poke at the hairless children’s cartoon character.

As much fun as it was to return fire with more ad-homs, I was caught a little off-guard at the first comment from an unknown beta-male who stated that I smelled like stale milk.  The proper response should have been to express my love for white milk to play further into the media’s narrative of milk being racist, but again I was a bit surprised that they recognized me as fast as they did.

I also had the privilege of talking to some of the liberals who gathered on Sunday in protest collectively calling loudly for the impeachment of Donald Trump.  When asked, most of the anti-Trumpers who attended this event didn’t really think that impeachment was even possible. Some responded with ‘I can hope.’  Hope?  Like the hope and change Obama promised while delivering a weaker economy, more debt that all of his previous predecessor combined and the slowest growth since the depression?  Seems fitting since the man who provided this response was wearing an Obama ‘Hope’ shirt.

Though there was no shortage of colorful characters to talk to, some of their responses were high on the cringe scale.  Professor Micahel Muffson, a man who self describes as a schizophrenic had a few good nuggets for the camera.  Again not shocked that this man is actually a professor at a college teaching our children.  His personality on Sunday, ”senator cash,’ definitely drew my camera towards him. I couldn’t resist seeing what he had to say.