Trump Supporters Host Public Debate In California – Chaos Ensues

Since American colleges no longer tend to practice the art of critical thinking, and normally only teach one side of the political story and history for that matter, Trump supporters took it upon themselves to restore this missing dialogue publicly yesterday in Santa Monica, California.

A public debate was opened up with two microphones allowing anyone from any side of the political spectrum regardless of race, color or creed to voice their opinion on the current political climate and hot-button issues.

The goal of this, as they explained, was to “get a dialogue started between both sides, because modern day Universities mostly ban or prohibit conservative and different opinions from entering the campus.”

People gathered quickly around the scene of two microphones and two different sides like it was a scene from Eminem’s ‘8 Mile,’ and there was a ‘rap battle’ taking place. The crowd, quickly realizing which side was which, took their appropriate sides and waited their turn to get their chance to speak.  It was a civil debate, until it wasn’t.

Emotions got to some of the left leaning onlookers.  Omar Navarro, a Trump supporter running for congress in the 43rd congressional district, was assaulted on 2 different occasions and a Trump cardboard standee was at one point ripped up as a man yelled “f*ck Trump,” at event goers and coordinators.  On the first occasion where Navarro was singled out, a man stole Navarro’s hat and was eventually chased down and arrested.  On the second occurrence, another man got in the face of Navarro, attempting to take his phone, screaming obscenities at him and then casually walked off into a Chipotle line and ordered a burrito.

What was supposed to be a civil, open public forum, turned rapidly into a constant barrage of reoccurring chaos. Here is the video of the events that transpired.