Trump Supporters Fight And Chase ANTIFA Out Of Minnesota Capital Building

Were you angry after seeing what happened at Berkeley?  Were you disappointed that you couldn’t be at a particular Trump rally as you watched outnumbered Trump supporters being beaten, sucker punched and ganged up on for no reason?  Well this video might wipe  that regretful feeling away.

ST PAUL MINNESOTA – During the nationwide spirit of America rallies on March 4th, Trump supporters all gathered at the Minnesota state capital building to say a prayer to start off the day.  Inevitably, anti Trump protesters eventually showed up, and began to block all the exits intentionally to cause frustration. However, Trump supporters, now outnumbering them, finally stood up for themselves.

You can see the ANTIFA members running away scared from the police and also scattering when Trump supporters began to fight back.


Surprisingly, even CBS reported the real news this time and stated that the Trump supporters were having a ‘peaceful’ rally until the protesters showed up and started provoking violence, as they always do, with the pro-Trump attendees of the rally.

Here a better angle of the anti Trump protesters blocking the exits as the Trump supporters attempt to move freely about their rally.  Yet again another Trump supporter is pepper sprayed in the face and one supporter was even tazed as you can see in this shot here.