Trump Supporters CHARGE AntiFA, While A Literal Marching Band Plays “Glory Glory Hallelujah”


Yes, you read that correctly.  As a literal, real life marching band was playing the battle hymn, “Glory Glory Hallelujah,” Trump supporters charged the group of disruptors and pushed them out of Berkeley, CA, possibly for good.

Trump supporters seemed to have finally had just about enough of the ANTIFA communist group attacking the attendees of their planned event, unprovoked.  During the event, there were eggs, large rocks, bricks and M-80’s (1/8 stick of dynamite) thrown by the far alt-left group, into variously gathered packs of Trump supporters.

Right before the “charge at Berkeley,” there was a tipping point.  One of the ANTIFA members thew an M-80 that was buried inside of a glass peanut butter jar, directly into a large entourage of Trump supporters.  This ended up being a bad decision, as patience on the right was all gone from this point on.

Then this happened…