Trump Met With Sanders Supporter Tulsi Gabbard (D), Sanders Supporters Rejoice

Donald Trump met with devout Sanders Democrat US Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, (D-HI) to talk about Syria. Right away Sander supporters all over social media rejoiced.

It seems like Gabbard also took a shot at Obama, which isn’t rare for most Sanders supporters.

Gabbard met with Trump as well as Vice President-elect Mike Pence on Monday morning, but Trump’s spokesman Jason Miller said it was “premature” to discuss Gabbard’s potential role in the Trump administration.

We know though, that the “meat” of the conversation between Gabbard and Trump was foreign policy.

Gabbard is famous in part for her criticism of Obama and Hillary’s intervention in Syria, and does not support Hillary’s proposed no-fly zone in Syria or using U.S. resources to topple Syrian president Bashir al-Assad’s regime. She argues that fighting Assad makes it harder to resist ISIS and al-Qaeda.

“Where I disagree with President-elect Trump on issues, I will not hesitate to express that disagreement. However, I believe we can disagree, even strongly, but still come together on issues that matter to the American people and affect their daily lives,”

Gabbard was very vocal about the meeting with Trump on social media and in the questions she fielded after the meeting.

“President-elect Trump and I had a frank and positive conversation in which we discussed a variety of foreign policy issues in depth. I shared with him my grave concerns that escalating the war in Syria by implementing a so-called no fly/safe zone would be disastrous for the Syrian people, our country, and the world.”

Gabbard is a strong opponent of the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal (TPP), and was part of a rally on Capitol Hill on Saturday to protest the deal that is supported by Barack Obama, and the Clintons.