Trump “Making Progress” To Keep Carrier In The Us

Donald Trump said on Thanksgiving day that he is making progress in his attempt to keep  Carrier air conditioning plant in Indianapolis open.

Earlier this year Carrier Air Conditioners announced that it would be packing up shop and moving their plant to Mexico.  They announced to all 1,400 of their employees that they were all out of a job.  A job, that many them has had for decades.  As most of you remember, It was captured on film.


While he was on the campaign trail, Trump threatened to call executives of the company and hammer them with high tariffs (taxes) on any furnaces and air conditioners imported from Mexico.  As they would be making them in Mexico and selling the

“If they’re going to fire all their people, move their plant to Mexico, build air conditioners, and think they’re going to sell those air conditioners to the United States, there’s going to be a tax,” he said in July.