Trump Calls John Bolton “One of the Dumbest People in Government” — Twitter Does NOT Flag Information as False

Donald Trump took to Twitter to smear John Bolton saying he was “one of the dumbest people in government”. Surprisingly, Twitter did not flag this information as false, adding a level of validity to the claims of the president. 

Twitter has now begun playing ministry of truth by taking it upon themselves to label president Trump’s tweets with indicators warning the reader they are in-fact reading inaccurate information. In doing so, Twitter has also endorsed virtually every one of his other tweets they do not label as false.

If Donald Trump claims John Bolton is a dumb war-hawk who illegally releases classified info, and Twitter does not claim this information to be inaccurate, then surely it must be true.


This is the entire argument against social media websites who enjoy the freedom from the consequences of being a publisher. 

Under section 230, the three big tech monopolies all have protection and blanket immunity for what is posted on their platforms as long they stay as neutral platforms under the law.