Trump is Actually Factually Correct in Blaming George Soros for Kavanaugh Protests

Trump is Actually Right.  George Soros is Listed as a Major Donor for a lot of These NGO’s Who Appear at Kavanaugh Protests

Over just the past few hours, mainstream publications have published article after article stating either that “Trump is pushing conspiracy theories,” or that Trump is “antisemitic,” for tweeting that George Soros is to blame for most of the Kavanaugh protesters and professionally made signs.

But is he right?  Aside from throwing around the standard go-to label of ‘conspiracy,’ whenever a subject gets brought up that has been labeled as such in the past, Vince takes you through an in depth list of the main advocacy groups who have coordinated these recent protests, who also happen to list their donors publicly on their respective websites.  They have tp list them, it’s the law.

Here is the report of all groups in the video below:

As you saw in the video above, even someone with just an amateur skill of internet use can look up the organizers of most of these protests, visit their websites and see that ‘Open Society,’ is listed as one of their funders.  They have to list their funders, it is US law when you are a non profit org.  All funding is public record.

Yet Washington Post, Atlantic, CNN, NBC, VOX, and others are still trying to deny that this is actually true.