TRIGGERED! – Trump Supporters Shut Down Town Hall In California

Trump Supporters And Protesters Clash Outside Town Hall

Trump supporters and various Orange County residents showed up in mass Tuesday night for a town hall in Santa Ana, California hosted by California Rep. Lou Correa.
Correa has been constantly criticized by the right for defending illegal aliens in Santa Ana with criminal history.  He has been hosting town halls and meetings quasi-incognito, in order to instruct illegal immigrants on how to ‘skirt’ the law and avoid deportation.  Once some Orange County citizens got wind of this, they decided to show up.   That’s when all hell broke loose.

California Rep. Lou Correa once sent a letter to immigration officials, outlining the unanswered questions related to the latest immigration enforcement actions.
“These activities have caused fear and uncertainty for many of constituents,” Correa wrote, and listed 10 questions for ICE, among them “What are the agency’s priorities for removal? and “How far in advance were these enforcement activities planned?”
Within just thirty minutes of the commencement of the meeting, Trump supporters caused a shut down of the town hall due to vocal outcries after every statement made by Correa.  Police quickly poured into the auditorium to disperse the crowds, however not before Trump supporters followed Correa, shaming him as he was being escorted out.

Almost immediately after the building was emptied, a fight broke out between Trump supporters and protesters. One of the members of Antifa swung a flag in the direction of the Trump supporter after he tried to walk around the group of protesters after an argument.  The Trump supporter grabbed the flag pole, attempting to take it away.  After a brief game of commie -vs-patriot tug o’ war the Antifa protester was arrested.  Not before one of the Antifa members was trampled down by a patriot in black clothing though.

Many other arguments and scuffles also occurred outside of the town hall.  A total of three people were arrested.  A native American with ancestry to the Lakota Tribe attempted to also pic a few fights.  The unknown protester thought it would be a good idea to engage in a history battle with Vince of The Red Elephants as well, but lost horribly.  Here are the highlights from the tense town hall.