Trans ANTIFA Member Tries To Burn Flag – Trump Supporter Snatches It


After last Saturday’s 82nd Avenue of Roses Parade in Oregon was cancelled over an anonymous threat by ANTIFA, Trump supporters decided to invoke the spirit of America and rescheduled another parade, refusing to be silenced.

As they marched down the street, there was a strong police presence.  Every instance that the domestic terrorist organization, ANTIFA attempted to provoke violence, they were arrested immediately.  There were a few occasions where ANTIFA members snatched phones from Trump supporters and even assaulted a black American Trump supporter, only to be arrested almost instantly.

There was one occasion that stood out in particular during this march.  ANTIFA members were actually marching WITH Trump supporters as they moved down the street.  Joey Gibson, a Trump supporter, even thanked ANTIFA for marching with them over a megaphone a few times, stating that they are just showing that they support the police, and President Trump as well, by marching with them.

One trans ANTIFA member pulled out a miniature American flag in an attempt to burn it.  Within a few seconds, the reincarnation of the ‘Based FedEx man’ swooped in and snatched the flag away from the embers.