TPUSA’s Benny Johnson Compared Donald trump to Fascist Mussolini

In 2016 Turning Point USA’s “Chief Creative Officer” and self described “meme lord” Benny Johnson made a video comparing President Donald J. Trump to Italian fascist dictator Benito Mussolini, a smear that has since been used thousands of times to defame and damage the reputation of the President of the United States.

We suspect Benny Johnson will delete this video. You can find it archived here:

The irony here is that Benny Johnson has deplored the left wing tactic of smearing the President of the United States as a Nazi by comparing him to Hitler. Meanwhile, Benny himself has made such comparisons in the recent past with his comparison of Mussolini and Donald Trump.

Furthermore, Benny Johnson has also attacked America First Trump supporters like Nicholas J Fuentes with similar smears by claiming “Fuentes is a believer in leftist authoritarian and identity politics” while posting little evidence to support this absurd claim!

Benny Johnson and TPUSA have been embraced by the Trump administration and propped up by the establishment while Donald Trump’s REAL supporters such as Alex Jones of INFOWARS have been entirely banned off of the internet.

Donald Trump has surrounded himself with opportunist grifters and former Buzzfeed employees who assure him they will “win the meme war” come re-election, but with prominent voices like Alex Jones banned off of the internet, the “meme war” this time around may not be in Trumps favor.