TPUSA & Soros’ Funded Organization Celebrates Censorship on Chinese TikTok Following Conservative De-Platforming

TPUSA ambassador Lance Johnston who goes by the name “LanceVideos” celebrated early Wednesday afternoon after prominent conservative personalities Nicholas Fuentes, Jaden McNeil & Jake Lloyd were banned from the Chinese platform TikTok. Following a left-wing smear campaign, the Chinese app TikTok took swift action in the censorship of American conservative commentators.

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Archived here

The celebration comes on the heels of almost a week of debate with Fuentes and various zoomer personalities over the principles of conservatism. Several prominent TikTok creators seemingly celebrated, claiming they had “won the groyper vs conservative war on TikTok” after their opponent (Nick Fuentes) was banned off of the platform.

The George Soros’ funded censorship organization Right Wing Watch, which is supported by some in the GOP, echoed a TPUSA ambassador in the presumed celebration of the recent TikTok banning.

Jared Holt of Right Wing Watch, also tweeted out the news of the banning on Thursday, but did not seem to play a role in lobbying TikTok to remove Fuentes from the platform. Holt has reportedly been at the forefront in previous wide-scale censorship of conservative commentators in the past however. Holt was also welcomed by CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) and given full press credentials. Holt’s publication, Right Wing Watch is sponsored by People for the American Way which is a website┬áthat showcases video footage of groups and individuals who take conservative stances on social issues.

PFAW’s (People for the American Way) former president is┬áTony Podesta.

Major donors to PFAW include George SorosOpen Society Institute

These far-left organizations who’ve made a name for themselves by advocating & celebrating the wide-spread censorship of conservative voices on the internet share something in common with TPUSA, the corporate establishment and with Neo-conservative libertarian commentators, They’re all supportive of the censoring of true American conservative voices off of the internet.