TPUSA Falls Apart—America First Students to Liberate Campus!

Amid controversy following a string of failed speaking events put on by pseudo-conservative student organization TPUSA and it’s liberal founder Charlie Kirk, a new and true campus conservative student organization named America First Students takes up the mantel as America’s leading campus conservative student organization! Founded by TPUSA defector Jaden McNeil, this student organization will focus on putting America First!

Frustrated conservatives all over the country have increasingly expressed their desire for a true conservative organization on campus. With groups like TPUSA who once filled that role with their liberal promotion of mass immigration, the LGBT community and a total failure to address the breakdown of the Christian moral foundation of conservatism itself, a new campus conservative organization has emerged and they are standing tall over the ruins of once prominent TPUSA and it’s failed figurehead Charlie Kirk.

Conservative students will no longer have to subject themselves to the failed policies of mass immigration, the promotion of the LGBT community and unregulated free trade. There is a new student organization on campus and they aren’t bowing to the ruling globalist corporate class of big donors and foreign lobbying groups. America First Students will be putting America First, always.

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