What If We had Totally Closed Borders?…

The basic idea behind all immigration works in a very simple manner. It’s like a door. Some get in, some don’t. Well, let’s say we shut the door and lock it, and now nobody gets in.

Our house is nice, it has running water and electric lights, we have wi-fi. Now, people who live in bad parts of town want to come in. What if, instead of letting them in, we just taught them how to build a decent quality house and sent them back home?

5892d5591a7c2_Bob_Ross_afroConsider Bob Ross. After 20 years in the Army, retiring as a Master Sergeant, Bob assumed Bill Alexanders role as the PBS oil painting guy.

Bob, perm on head, would give a weekly instructional video on how to wet-on-wet oil paint,  and not once did a guest  audience watch the show. Nonetheless, thousands of people have now learned to paint, and in their own home improve the quality of oil painting.  Happy trees, clean that brush and beat the devil out of it.

Nowadays that’s hate speech.

So compare that to the globalist agenda. The idea, the ultimate goal of Globalism should be to raise the quality of all humans on earth. Equality, cultural sharing, and exporting of liberalism around the globe. What they want, what Bob Ross wants, is closed borders.

Look, India has long struggled with the notion of ‘Brain Drain’  That  notion of the best and brightest matriculating to foreign educational institutions only to stay in those countries never to return. The happy medium to solve this problem? Closed borders. We allow anyone to come to the states for education, even set aside our entire budget of refugee and asylum administration, and instead dedicate that to providing a national scholarship for foreigners.

They come to this country, learn the kind of liberal garbage most universities teach, and then, happily indoctrinated in Western values, with new friends in America, they get to, or rather, have to,  go back. Biblically, think of the apostles, all of the want to stay in Jerusalem, except Paul, who goes out to the rest of the world spreading the word of Jesus. We need to create a nation of Paul. Paul, Jesus, and Bob Ross.

Well, they don’t have to go back, if our education system produces a quality product, any of the 195 or so countries on earth will fight to have such talent. Ideally though, they will return to their home countries. This would be especially beneficial to nations with high prevalence of natural resources but very low .  We would be exporting democracy in the most unassailable packaging, the human heart. Even if their country is a war-torn hellhole, someone in a foreign nation will want an American educated brilliant thinker, after all, a rising tide raises all boats, right?3952069927_e907686d0d_b

This will also further enhance the cultural capital of American students. With friends in foreign countries, people they have met from various parts of the glove, they can practice what Rick Steves calls ‘travel as a political act.‘ No more trips to Ibiza, pointless party escapades, now travel can mean radical cultural exposure. American Universities become a place where not just rich foreigners, but now government funded poor foreign nationals can learn and not just affluent foreigners, but also intelligent but not-affluent students can interact, effectively reinventing the liberal arts into a global experience that truly enriches everybody.

This takes a lot of money. But if you look at the DHS annual budget on Page 16, we spend between 3B and 30B on immigration. For comparison, Bob Ross sat in a studio with his paints and a camera guy. Maybe a lighting guy as well. Now it’s all on Youtube.

Bob Ross Democracy.