Top 15 Most Deplorable Images From The Women’s March

Think Of The Children

Many people may have popped up on your timeline sharing their experience of the national and international women’s marches that took place the day after the inauguration.  Some of them denouncing it, some of them boasting it.  Mostly the former.  The truth is, at the very least, 90% of the language, signs and other visuals that occured at this event were, to say the least, deplorable and definitely inappropriate for all of the children that were there.

Not only did these men and women at the march decide to bring children along, but they thought that it was cute and even good parenting to let them see and partake in this quasi-terroristic event.  Long gone are the classic liberals that fought for free speech.  Long gone are the old-school Kennedy democrats.  Yes the Kennedy democrats who, even if they didn’t agree with your opinions, would fight TO THE DEATH to defend free speech under the 1st amendment.  No, those liberals are now just a deeply buried story in the history books, that sit dusty on a library shelf because they’re not allowed in schools anymore.

This is what the democratic party has aligned itself with.  From a DNC chair candidate that said yesterday “we must shut down white people,” to these sad, sad individuals…

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#15 Don’t Grab My….

You already know NO ONE will be grabbing anything of yours, but jeez, at least color coordinate.