“It Took a White Man to Lower The Black Unemployment” Says Man in Viral Video

Trump Is Doing Better With the Black and Hispanic Community 

Whether you like to admit it or not, we are living in a booming economy right now and its only going to get better.  From a fantasy where Nancy Pelosi and Mark Cuban both said that Wall Street and the economy would crash if Trump was elected to the reality where the stock market is hitting record highs almost every day, a lot of Americans are making a lot of money right now and unemployment is at a 16 year low.

To those of you that credit Obama for this, you probably have never day-traded a day in your life.  The stock market rise for instance is based off of two things, consumer confidence and the promise of corporate tax cuts.  Consumer confidence is based on real time, so this is Trump’s doing and Trump’s doing only.

What’s more? Black unemployment rose exponentially under the Obama administration, crimes rose and the black communities and their economic outlook took a nosedive. In just Trump’s first year, other black unemployment rate has fell to the lowest level in recorded history.  These rates started being recorded in 1972.

Tommy Hollis tweeted out a video regarding this topic entitled “it took a white man to lower the black unemployment,” and it quickly went viral…