Tom Arnold Tells Black Conservative To “Suck Racist D*cks”

The Average Left in America 

Now I know that you may be reading the sub-headline above and thinking that it can’t possibly be all left leaning individuals who think, talk and act like Tom Arnold does.  But the unfortunate part is that most do, based on my vast experience conversing with people like him, it is undeniable at this point.

In case you haven’t heard, Tom Arnold tweeted out one of the most vulgar and obscene status updates that we may ever see on social media, directed at black conservative commentator Candice Owens.

The tweet was later deleted, but not by twitter.  Arnold was neither de-verified or suspended by the platform like most conservative pundits have been either.  No, twitter seems to promote people and tweets like this as long as it’s directed at conservatives.

Just in the past 24 months I have been to over 45 college campuses, attending political speeches and events.  I can tell you from these experiences that around 9 out of 10 individuals who identified as left leaning, act and talk just the way Tom Arnold does.  I heard them call black conservatives ‘coons,’ seen them cheer when a conservative is booed or campus and watched them jump for joy when a conservative is kicked off twitter.  Just as Milo Yiannopoulos was for far, FAR less.

Case in point….

I was recently having a phone conversation with the CEO of a new up-and-coming social media platform.  During this conversation he mentioned that he has a “left-leaning” cousin that he thinks I should speak to.  As I was scrolling through her twitter feed I noticed that we had some agreements on some economic and foreign policy topics, so I decided to reach out to her.  Upon receiving a seemingly nice response, we started to spark a twitter conversation.  Needless to say, it didn’t last…  Within about 30 seconds, she responded to the direct message with “I was scrolling through your twitter feed and out of respect for my cousin I think we should end this conversation”

This sums up 95% of the people on the left perfectly.  I was looking for something we agreed on and she was looking at all the disagreements.  She, like many on the left ended the conversation immediately after she discovered we had mostly disagreed politically.  I started the conversation after discovering we had some agreements politically.

This encounter describes exactly why there is political tension in America and why most people on the left are ecstatic to see conservatives kicked off of platforms, punched and even jailed for saying something they disagree with.

Recently Twitter banned our main company account permanently for what they called “attacking race.”  Hilariously, the tweet simply and solely stated that the past few mass shooters grew up in fatherless homes.


This tweet had nothing to do with race at all, none of the tweets on the account were ever vulgar in any way and none of the tweets from the account came even remotely close to what people like Tom Arnold or Chelsea Handler tweet on a daily basis.

But you know, that whole ending the conversation thing applies to Silicon Valley elites too.mOh and Leslie, Jones is stallion twitter.