Tim Kaine And Many Prominent Leftists Tweet About Gun Control After OSU Knife Attack

Failed VP candidate, Tim Kaine and Sports writer for 670 The Score in Chicago, Julie Dicarlo are just 2 among many other prominent leftists that tweeted about gun control and “stopping gun violence,” after OSU knife attack.

They all quickly had to “eat crow,” as they learned that the attack was with a knife… and a car. Not to mention, the attacker was a muslim refugee, who the left so outspokenly defends with every stroke of the pen, or tap of the thumb in this day and age.

The attack was perpetrated by Abdul Razaq Ali Artan. The suspect plowed a car into a group of people on campus, then exited the vehicle with a butcher knife attempting to stab several individuals outside.

Needless to say, neither of them updated their tweets calling for knife control or car control, but rather defended themselves in a pathetic manner, in responses to backlash on twitter.

The attacker was stopped swiftly by an officer who talked him down and convinced him to convert into the western way of life, and be peaceful.

Just kidding, he was shot and killed by a good guy with a gun.