Three HUGE Rallies To Take Place This Weekend – Are You Going?

Will More Alt-Left Violence Take Place? You Bet!

Following the Charlottesville ordeal, Trump supporters are definitely left with the short end of the stick.  In Boston, the town’s masses were tricked into believing the rally last week was a KKK rally and showed up in masses.  In Laguna Beach, the same and some attendees were even surprised that they were tricked by the media.

Either way though the show must go on.  As we saw last night in Phoenix, thousands of Trump supporters of all colors and creeds showed up in support of the President.  At the origination of Trump’s rally string, once again the ant-left showed up and faced off with police and also took part in beating up Trump supporters unprovoked.  A scene that we all know too well and partly what boosted Trump to the presidency.

Three Major Rallies Taking Place This Weekend

Northern California has seen it’s share of rallies including but not limited to Berkeley which was the most prominent and nationally known.

San Francisco: The first rally on the northern left coast will take place in San Francisco on Saturday. This event is hosted by “Patriot Prayer” which has coordinated many events all up and down the west coast. You can find the event link here.  Over 400 people are confirmed going.

Pennsylvania: The second rally will be held also on Saturday in Pennsylvania. The rally is titled the “Great America Candidates Rally.” If we have seen or learned anything from Boston, the media will surely falsely advertise the gathering as a ‘white supremacist’ rally.

Derek Utley is the organizer of this particular gathering and he has provided an official press release for this event.  Pennsylvania, unlike California, did vote overwhelmingly for Trump, so I’d assume there will be quite a bit of Trump’s supporters attending this one.  You can find the event link here.   Here is the press release.

Berkeley: The third and final rally will also take place in California.  It will be a return to Berkeley and a protest against the anti-American and Marist agenda that is being embedded in our academia complex.  In particular, Berkeley.

On April 15th it was essentially an all-out battle between Trump supporters and Antifa who crashed their rally with m-80’s, bricks and clubs.  On April 27th however, Antifa did not appear, and the rally went on peacefully without any violent incident whatsoever.

You can find the event page link here.