Thousands Are Burning Their New Balance After Company Expresses Support For Trump

Thousand of New Balance consumers are taking to twitter and social media to show their disgust after the company showed their support for our new President-Elect.  Yes, he is YOUR president.  They went so far as burning, flushing and destroying their shoes and then posting the pictures online.


Now Reebok is swooping in, offering free replacement sneakers to people posting videos of themselves flushing their shoes or throwing them away.

Reebok Classics is offering free sneakers to New Balance owners who have begun trashing their own shoes over brand’s ‘white supremacy’ controversy

Reebok responded to one video stating: ‘Hey Jared, looks like you’re down a pair of kicks! Shoot us a DM, we’ve got you covered.’


Most of these twitter users unfortunately but not surprisingly, don’t know why their protesting at all (sound familiar?) because New Balance clearly stated that they support “any trade deals that will increase American manufacturing jobs.”

Now why would these kids be protesting new jobs, when the majority of them probably don’t have one?  We’ll let you figure that out.

Here are some more hilarious tweets