The Media Tries to Downplay Joe Biden’s Radical Mass Migration Agenda

Even the liberal Washington Post recognizes that Joe Biden’s immigration program is way too radical for the average American’s taste. According to Neil Munro of Breitbart News, the Washington Post’s editorial board is “warning him not to implement his campaign trail promise to recklessly dismantle President Donald Trump’s hard-earned, pro-American border reforms.”

Further the editorial board suggested in a column published on December 24 that Biden “must also avoid triggering a new humanitarian crisis at the Mexican border featuring unauthorized Central Americans and Mexicans streaming north.”

The Washington Post staff continued explaining why Biden going full open borders at the start of his presidency is not a smart idea:

Any sudden move to abolish [Trump’s] policy without an orderly system to replace it could be read as a green light that would invite more migrants than the U.S. bureaucracy can process. Nor is it reasonable to swiftly revoke the emergency public health order authorizing the summary expulsion of unauthorized migrants at the border, based on the pandemic’s threat.

Let’s be clear, the WaPo’s editorial board did not suddenly become immigration patriots. Rather, they’re freaked about the potential for unrest at the southern border potentially hurting Biden’s mass migration agenda. Biden and company want to use legal mechanisms to flood America with legal migrants that will not only displace low-skilled workers but professionals as well. The board declared. “Make no mistake. … Any hope of building public support for a legislative overhaul of the immigration system, let alone bipartisan backing in Congress, would be blown to pieces by fresh images of pandemonium at the border.”

Munro also observed that WaPo has previously spelled out some of its mass migration desires in a number of posts. Back in late November, the editorial board listed off a number of agenda items that the Biden administration should enact:

He can increase refugee admissions relatively quickly. … He can immediately stop work on Mr. Trump’s wasteful wall at the southern border. … He can ensure the renewal of work permits and end the threat of deportation for dreamers, and grant reprieves to hundreds of thousands of migrants whose temporary protected status Mr. Trump tried to remove.

It went on to state:

It will take longer to undo the hundreds of rule changes the Trump administration used to neuter legal immigration programs. … As for a pathway to citizenship for more than 10 million unauthorized immigrants, that will require legislation — a daunting prospect as long as Republicans control the Senate.

What WaPo wants is for the Biden administration to take a disorderly Zerg Rush at the border and quickly transform into a massive legal injection of migrants. In essence, amnesty by another name.

Democrats understand that the next step towards solidifying their power is to grant the 11+ million illegal aliens an amnesty that would create the largest pathway to citizenship program for illegal invaders in human history

Once the U.S. becomes majority non-white, all bets are off. Political instability and a widespread social decline will likely follow. Americans should not take chances with mass amnesty and should do everything possible to keep Joe Biden from being installed as president on January 20, 2021.

The fate of the country depends on Americans rising up to the ruling class and rejecting the electoral fraud they’ve subjected the country to.