The TikTok to OnlyFans Pipeline — How Children are Encouraged Into Pornography in the Age of COVID-19

Users on the Chinese social media app TikTok have begun encouraging young girls into signing up for the pornography website OnlyFans. While economic catastrophe sparked by global pandemic keeps millions of Americans out of work, young girls are being groomed into a life of selling their bodies on the internet.

The “FYP” is an acronym for “For You Page”, which is content that is specifically catered to you based on other forms of media you like.

Many users report seeing content on their TikTok “For You Page” encouraging them to signup for OnlyFans, when they’ve clearly expressed no desire to do so.

These girls are acting as pimps for OnlyFans. They’re claiming ‘just like stripping, you’re the one in charge of what you can and cannot do. reports that 32.5% of TikTok users are aged from 10 to 19 years old, accounting for the largest age demographic of users on the website. Much of the content seen above is consumed predominantly by young people, including children.

The Insider reports that “OnlyFans reported a 75% uptick in “model sign-ups” in early April, as unemployment skyrocketed around the world due to coronavirus shutdowns.” These numbers have skyrocketed since this last report. Alexa website analytics show that OnlyFans has quickly gained it’s place within the top 1,000 websites global ranking within the past 90 days.

While the economy continues to stagnate, and millions remain out of work, children on TikTok continue to be exposed to OnlyFans and encouraged to sign up and post content.

NOTE: Users are encouraged to signup for OnlyFans, “without posting nudity”. This trend runs counterproductive to the user model of self promotion, as encouraging others to join OnlyFans would saturate the market, making it more difficult for content producers to collect fans.

Why would a salesperson encourage competition, if it did not benefit them? In other words, why would you make it harder for yourself to sell your product, unless you were making a commission off of new salespersons in the industry?