The Religion of Gay

Straight people, aka, Gaytheists, gather round, gather around the campfire.

A Campfire

Tonight, you are going to get an idea, based entirely on a discussion I have had with my hyper progressive girlfriend, and this link a friend texted me earlier:

Some Homosexuals

It is about Manhood, which can be bought in the form of Testosterone injections. Get a little shot of Toxic Masculinity, where if you perform CPR and save someones life, you are not a hero so much as guilty of violently imposing the patriarchy of male dominated medicine on an unconscious human being unable to render consent. “Good Samaritan Laws” are soon to be referred to as “Possibly Homosexual Traveller Helping an Injured and Surely Also Homosexual Male en Route to a Gay Bath House in a Foreign City by Leaving him in the Care of A Gay Inn Keeper out of the Gay Goodness of his Gay old Heart” Laws.  Because the evil communists, in their attempt to destroy the west, are further gnawing at our social bonds by casting this world as one where there is no interaction between anyone or any gender without sex being a factor. It is funny how progressives posit that men with a friend of the same gender is secretly gay, but if you were to suggest a gay man is secretly straight for having female friends, you are a bigot. How dare you.


When you read the 1951 UNHCR Conventions and Protocol Relating to the Status of Refugees, here  the Protected parties are people fleeing for Race, Religion, Nationality, Membership of a Particular Social Group, or Political Opinion. Now this is normally used to explain why economic Migrants from South America have no legal right to claim asylum, but in this case, it has relevance in consideration of Homosexuals. The homosexual community is not a single social group, after all, Gays in some parts of the country ban drag queens from Pride Parades once in a blue moon. They are not a race, since you can just decide to wake up and be gay but you can’t just decide you are white. You can’t just wake up and decide to be a different race.

Shaun King is the Exception that Proves the Rule

Until the Island of Gay Heaven is established, there is no Nationality of Gay. It’s not a political opinion either, I know gays of wide ranging political opinions, though some people have political opinions that are best described as ‘flaming gay’.It’s not solely a political ideology.

But with some countries like Jamaica that definitely single out gays as targets of violence, it does have a set identity. Religion works as the best definition. They have hymns: music defining them. They have a belief system that crosses borders and every other ideology. Now, some are Christian, but there are Scientologists of every religious faith as well.  In the same way that Jerry Falwell absurdly implied that Australian Teletubby Tinky Winky was a a Lesbian, the equally religious LGBTBB-whatever crowd sees sexuality in every aspect of society.  While there are times where one males affection for the other borders into highly suspect territory, as with theologian / German Intelligence double Agent Dietrich Bonhoeffer, sometimes the level of reading in and ascribing attraction borders paranoia. Being gay, for almost all homosexuals, forms a fundamental part of their identity. From choosing a mate to the business and products they use,to Gay Saturnalia every June, and like religion, there’s little subsets and moderates and, well, extremists. They’ve even culturally appropriated the Rainbow God sent Noah.

Furthermore, when you look at the weird homosexual ‘Bugchaser’ subset that sets out to attain HIV positive statues as a way to control what they see as the inevitable transmission of the virus it evokes thoughts similar to that of any endtimes doomsday cult.

A Religion, wherein your identity is so tied to who and what you have sex with that you can claim persecution if you are punished for it, and you can claim that it something you are either born with or that all humans have on a spectrum(the link goes to a song called, “Everyone is just a Little Bit Gay”) in the same way Christians claim we all have a God shaped hole in our heart.

They have martyrs, everything else a religion does, and yet they are allowed to go into public school and craft the curriculum kids. Everyone remembers blowing up the news. Doctors with legitimate questions about why they have to endorse and support homosexual lifestyles in spite of rates of drug usage and suicide are fired from hospitals.

For years the left has rightly mocked the religious for their departure from facts( I proudly believe Jesus Christ rose from the Dead after three sunsets with zero medical attention, that water became wine, and I know this is completely scientifically impossible) it is only fair to say that the same level of denying facts and choosing to endorse and celebrate a statistically unhealthy lifestyle constitutes a religion.

It is the only common sense explanation to why a 14 year old is allowed to remove their genitals and get hormone blockers, similar to female genital circumcision.. Why are they allowed to? Because with a roll of thunder, they are of the religion of Gay.

Christ says if our brother orders us to go with them one mile, we are to compel them to go with us two. It should have the definition of a religion and all the freedoms and restrictions that go with it.

Final Caveat, this same level of identity could extend to vegans, Crossfit users, and people who drive Subarus.

Thank you for bearing with me, here is a video of people opposing Trumps Supreme Court Pick before he Announced the Replacement.