The GOP Needs to Pay for Its Cowardice During the 2022 Primaries

We don’t need any further reminders about how useless the Republican Party is.

For those of us who have followed politics over the last decade, this movie script is rather repetitive.

Republican elected official talks a big game about being a fighter and how they will restore order. But then, they end up selling out and carry on with business as usual. It’s frustrating to say the least.

Now we’re seeing the latest episode of this charade with regards to the blatant cases of electoral fraud taking place in the 2020 election. A large portion of the GOP has just twiddled their thumbs on the question of rejecting fraudulent electoral votes and is even conspiring to remove Trump from office as we speak.

An angry Twitter user listed off a number of Republican Senators who will be running for re-election in 2022 that voted to not challenge the electoral results:

One of the Senators who stands out in this list is Marco Rubio. The Florida Senator is a known mass migration booster who became famous for pushing for amnesty as a part of the Gang of Eight — the bipartisan group of eight elected officials who worked diligently to pass amnesty back in 2013. In addition, Rubio is a reliaable neocon who is constantly pushing for regime change in countries such as Iran and Venezuela.

Instead of trying to conserve American principles that made it great or defend the American president from a blatant electoral con job, Rubio prioritizes being an establishment politician who wheels and deals his way out of problems. As of late he’s been trying to position himself as a “distributist” and pseudo-populist of sorts by suddenly becoming a champion of the working class. However, on the issues that matter — immigration and foreign adventures — Rubio remains a political hack. The Right should not be fooled by the Florida senator’s makeover.

The simple solution to dealing with politicians like Rubio is to challenge them in the primaries. Ideally, with America First nationalists who will not stand for the current ruling class’s modus vivendi. Rewarding the GOP is no longer an option. Full stop. The “vote straight ticket GOP” strategy of yesteryear is going to put us on the path to the globalist slaughterhouse. Targeting Rubio, along with his colleagues who vote wrong on this motion, should be priority #1 for America First in 2022.

America First is the only alternative.