The Democrats Are Attempting to Steal the Election — Can it Get Any More Obvious?

On Election Day, swing states stopped voting for the evening, and while the rest of the world sleeps, they surprisingly began counting the votes again, at around 5 in the morning. At about that time, Joe Biden saw an anomalous increase in ballots, while President Trump saw little to zero votes.


These two graphs demonstrate an impossibility, a statistical anomaly so absurdly unrealistic, you would have to be a full fledged liar to believe these to be accurate vote counts. The drastic jump in votes, that only one candidate seems to have the luxury of, is   such an astonishing example of voter fraud, even the most skeptical of the democratic process viewed them with their jaws dropped.

According to NBC News, in Wisconsin on November 3rd before the polls opened, Republicans led Mail-in Ballots requested 43% to 35%. Republicans also led Mail-in and early in-person ballots returned 43% to 35%

In Michigan on November 3rd before the polls opened, Republicans led 41% to 39% in Mail-in Ballots requested, and 42% to 39% in Mail-in / in-person ballots returned.

Almost ALL of the ballots found, while we were sleeping, after they said they would stop counting, were for Biden.

In both Michigan and Wisconsin, vote dumps early Wednesday morning showed 100 percent of the votes going for Biden and zero percent—that’s zero, so not even one vote—for Trump.

In Wisconsin, voter turnout ended up being recorded as almost 90%.  This jump in turnout also happened late and is higher than the historical record of 66.8%.  During the same time, Joe Biden apparently tallied millions more votes than Barack Obama did in his 2008 victory, with many millions votes still not counted. Biden received dictator margins of 95% in many parts of Wisconsin and Michigan.

In a recent article, we provided numerous videos demonstrating shady behavior around polling stations. Democrats are seen harvesting ballots, throwing them away, and secretively counting votes, while the rest of the population is cut off from the process.

The 2020 presidential election will go down in world history as the most blatant example of mass voter fraud the world has ever seen, and it is only the beginning of a long legal battle that will end up deciding the fate of the nation and the free world as we know it.