The American People are in the Middle of a Color Revolution

Darren Beattie took to Tucker Carlson’s Fox News to outline the plot to destroy the President of the United States, in what many researchers have claimed to be a textbook “Color Revolution”.

The Color Revolution has many distinct characteristics, and unsurprisingly, many of the players involved in this attempted coup against the sitting president were involved in previous revolutions before, particularly, the Eastern European Color Revolution in Ukraine. 

Characteristics of the current color revolution unfolding in the US:

1. Manufactured social crisis involving racial riots involving subversive media induced protest movements. The BLM / Antifa riots engulfing the US months leading up to the US election were social conditioning events specifically designed to mobilize a voter base, and to recruit radicals for later use during the contested election, to forcefully depose the President.

2. Cutting communications. Supporters of the opposition have been systematically cut off from modern communications, effectively neutering their ability to mobilize in the instance of mass voter fraud / repealing a media manufactured attempt to physically remove the sitting president from office. Example: Q anon groups (largest pro-Trump groups on social media) were removed from social media just weeks before the fraudulent 2020 presidential election. 

3. Manufactured contested election involving voter fraud to induce aggravation and distrust in the government, causing social instability, violent, riotous outbursts and eventually a government led attempt to physically remove a sitting president, which could involve foreign nations militaries.

To familiarize yourself with the very specific characteristics of the Color Revolution please watch the video in full below.