Texas Governor Greg Abbott Bashes the Biden Administration for Releasing China Virus Infected Migrants into the U.S.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott is not afraid to call it like it is.

As opposed to many of his Republican colleagues, Abbott understands the manifold dangers of uncontrolled immigration. Above all, the Texas governor grasps why this dangerous experiment in multiculturalism can threaten Americans during the time of a pandemic.

Abbott recently attacked globalist president Joe Biden for releasing more than 100 hundred migrants infected with the China virus in south Texas in the past few weeks. For those of us who have been in the immigration patriotism game for a while, we know full well that once illegal aliens enter a given state, they often don’t stay put in that state. Take the example of an illegal who arrives in Texas. It’s not a given that they will stay in Texas. Knowing that the U.S. government won’t enforce immigration laws, these illegals will likely scurry towards the interior of the country to never be found again.

In the context of the China virus pandemic, many migrants infected with the virus who set foot in Texas, end up going to other states and potentially increase the risk of spreading the virus at a national level.

According to a recent report by Noticias Telemundo Investiga, the Biden administration released migrants who tested positive for the China virus in Brownsville, Texas without being subject to testing or a quarantine. The Gateway Pundit noted that “migrants are being tested by local authorities where they gather at a bus stop to travel to other states, however they have no authority to detain them thereby leaving the infected migrants free to spread the virus throughout the U.S.”

Last week on Twitter, Abbott thunderously declared, “The Biden Administration is recklessly releasing hundreds of illegal immigrants who have COVID into Texas communities. The Biden Admin. must IMMEDIATELY end this callous act that exposes Texans & Americans to COVID.”

Abbott continued on message by blasting Biden in an interview on Fox News on March 4, 2021. ”The Biden administration was releasing illegal immigrants into our communities who had COVID. The Biden administration was spreading COVID in South Texas yesterday,” the Texas governor asserted.

Abbot stood his ground on CNBC as well, “The Biden administration has been releasing immigrants in South Texas that have been exposing Texans to Covid. Some of those people have been put on busses, taking that Covid to other states in the United States,” Abbott told CNBC. “That is Neanderthal-type approach to dealing with the Covid situation.…The Biden administration must stop importing Covid into our country.”

What ever happened to the concept of border security? Is maintaining the integrity of the nation-state now out of style on the Left.

We can debate for hours why the Left has changed so much, but it’s undeniable that they don’t care about American workers and want to eliminate the European character of this great nation.

America First must put these leftist clowns in their place.