Teacher in Viral Video Allegedly Told a Student “A White Man Won’t Appreciate Your Body”

Ben Franklin High School Teacher Under Fire After Her Video Goes Viral

After Kady Clincy, a high school teacher at Ben Franklin High in New Orleans posted a video to her Facebook profile, it immediately went viral.  It garnered over 11,000 shares in a just a few days and much backlash from people with opposing viewpoints.

The most controversial point she attempted to make in the video was saying that “only white people can be racist.” A barrage of online attacks followed this with people bringing up many points and discussions regarding what she stated in her video.

Clincy was automatically shot into the ‘public figure’ zone which opens up the online backlash flood-gates.  And like with many public figures, many old tweets and things about them start to pop up.

Here is the video she originally posted…

Some of the tweets by her students and former students are extremely concerning. Especially one of them where a female student mentions something that Clincy allegedly said to her in regards to the student’s body.

Samantha deleted the tweet after we asked her about it. Another tweet by “Samantha Burns” alleged that she was ‘twerking’ and recounts what occurred during that event back in 2014.

A leaked email that allegedly comes from Clincy to students says that the school supports her ‘message’ and instructs students to give good reviews on the school’s Facebook page in order to combat the negative reviews coming from people that are opposed to the things Clincy said in her video.