Teacher At Bellevue High School Tells Conservative “Your Opinions Are Not Welcome Here”

Marxist and Post-Modernist Indoctrination Goes Much Further Than College

Bellevue High School is apparently filled with post modernist and Marxist teachers.

Terry Jess, is one of those teachers at Bellevue High School in Washington State that shares opinions that are common in the post-modernist and marxist ideologues.  Jess is well known around campus for wearing varying versions of black lives matter shirts and talking about racial and social injustice with his students.  Jess even created a club called “Bending the Arc,” a group aimed at ending the injustice in the black community.

Ironically this is the same state where a high school football coach was fired for praying on the field.   But I guess they’re okay with their teachers promoting a group that openly and publicly advocates for killing cops.

He even suggested that Haiti is a poor country because whites colonized the area. Unfortunately for him, history isn’t on his side on most of these subjects, however don’t expect your young high school aged children to know that when he gives his lectures on the topics.

But there is an even bigger problem. It seems as if all of the teachers at this high school share the same views and are also spreading these views onto your children unbeknownst to you.

After we wrote about Jess and his indoctrination tactics last week, a concerned citizen wrote a letter to the school regarding his Jess’ rhetoric. He mentioned that Jess was in the complete wrong for blaming white people for everyone’s downfalls and victimizing an entire race.

His email to the school was as follows:

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. We appreciate your commitment to tolerance and would like to applaud your efforts for listening to diverse opinions.
Our concern, as white advocates, is that rhetoric that is purported to be designed to help with racial issues often exacerbate relations between groups and can cause division and resentment. Programs and classes about “White Privilege” inculcate a sense of guilt and shame in to white people and is based on the pernicious idea that whites are inherently oppressive to other racial groups. “White Privilege” indoctrination is a passive/aggressive, psychological attack on the well-being of whites as individuals and as a people.
Certain political groups have crafted what is called “The Progressive Stack” which puts white, heterosexual, men at the bottom of the social order on the notion that they oppress others. We see this ideology manifest itself in policies and laws like Affirmative Action, incentives for non-Whites and systematic ridicule and debasement of whites and their cultures and history. This type of racism should not be tolerated and is a bane on our free and equal society.
Please join us in publicly condemning “White Privilege” indoctrination as a hateful, anti-white attack on an entire race of people.

A visual art teacher named Hannah Yale wrote back. She immediately started with saying that his opinions and views like his were “not welcome at bellevue high school.’  Yeah we can see that by the black lives matter shirts your teachers wear. Yale also talks about ‘white supremacy.’

Here is the response he received:

You’re opinions are not welcome here at Bellevue High School. You may only just now be realizing the extent of the history of white supremacy in this country (and around the world), and that realization does evoke feelings of guilt or shame – but not shame for being white, shame for not realizing there was a problem. And there IS a problem, whether you personally believe in it or not.

You do not speak for white voices, you speak for the bigotry, and assertions like yours are by the two continue to be linked. White doesn’t always mean bigoted, but bigoted almost always means white. If you don’t want to feel ashamed, stop behaving shamefully.

If there is such any such “stack” (as you claim), then for centuries black and brown men and women have been at the bottom. But that doesn’t seem to bother you. That’s the definition of white privilege. You are only now experiencing what marginalized people have felt since the dawn of our nation. Through colonialism, white supremacy has become a pervasive plague on our nation and our world.

Deal with your uncomfortable feelings by participating in making change, instead of trying to get everyone else to bury our heads back in the sand.

We will not hide the truth from our students. White people do not have to personally feel ashamed of what our ancestors have done, unless we ourselves are perpetuating it – as you seem to be.

– A white teacher, who is unashamed and unafraid.

Hannah Yale (she/her pronouns)
Bellevue High School
Visual Art Teacher
NAHS Advisor
Performing for a Cause Advisor
Equity Team | Parent Equity Team Lead
SEL Curriculum Adoption Committee