How The Swamp Plans To Ruin Trump And What YOU Can Do To Stop Them.

The Blueprints Are In Line For A Coup

I don’t think I speak in too harsh of terms when I use the word “coup”. What would you call an attempt to use false words and criminal acts to overthrow a duly elected official? Though the methods may be collusion, fraud and propaganda rather than knives and swords, the goal is still the same: to overthrow the duly elected leader. OUR duly elected leader, Donald J. Trump. We can expect over the next several months to watch a devious and sinister plot unfold to reject the will of the voters who elected Trump and if they succeed, attempt to remove him from office.

We’ve already seen the fight begin. The battle over Roy Moore in the Alabama Senate race to replace Jeff Sessions is but a harbinger of battles to come. Republican establishment will do absolutely anything to prevent Trump from enacting his agenda, up to and including handing the Congress and possibly Senate back over to the Democrats. They will, if allowed to enact their Hail Mary plan, lose…on purpose. The GOP will attack their own candidates, they will fund fraudulent stories to smear them, they will praise the Democrats and even help fund their campaigns. Mark my words, if the Republicans know how to do one thing well, it is lose when they should be winning. And they are going to use their finely honed skill to lose the House of Representatives and possibly the Senate and then let the Democrats attempt to impeach our President……unless WE stop them.

As we have seen in the Judge Moore race in Alabama, the establishment GOP crowd is quick to jump on whatever smear wagon the Democrats dream up. Their favorite tactic at the moment is the “several sexual accusations right before the election so there is no time to disprove them” manuever. Then right on cue, the swamp Republicans jump on board rather than question the obvious political timing of the accusations. Even as we have outed the “evidence” in the accusations, proving their falsehood, the RINOs still hammer away at their fellow Republican. Just as they did when Trump was accused, and when those accusers were debunked as well.

Yet we are prevailing! In Alabama, the voters are not falling for the scheme. Polls show Roy Moore leading by several points and if we know anything about polls in the news, they are probably even higher than reported. A great deal can happen between now and the election, December 12th, but it looks like the pro Trump movement may succeed again in defeating the collusion of the two parties to oppose the will of the people. But don’t get too excited just yet.

With 2018 approaching, the battle has just begun. The political elites do NOT want to give up power to the outsider candidates that support our outsider President Trump. But they will not enact the America 1st agenda we voted for, so we Trump voters are left with no choice but to elect more pro Trump outsiders. In order to win this ideological war with the Establishment against Trump, we Trump supporters are going to have to take up the battle for our president and for the MAGA agenda we elected him to enact.

Lucky for us, the swamp dwellers aren’t as formidable as we once thought. The Democrats are forever cursed with being guilty of the exact thing they accuse the other party of, so their accusations always blow up in their face. The establishment Republicans no longer control the will of their electorate, as we saw with Trump, and as we will likely see in Alabama. They cannot prevent the voters from forcing the GOP to snatch victory out of the jaws of their intentional attempted defeat. The Uniparty of oligarchs has met it’s match: the great American patriot nation.

If we take specific and strategic action over the next several months, we will prevent the establishment coup and install lawmakers that will actually PASS the agenda the President ran on. Below are just a few things we can do to help make sure the election of Trump in 2016 is only the beginning to a great renewal in our politics.

1. Register Republican voters for the upcoming primaries.
In many states, primaries are closed, meaning a voter can only vote in the primary of the party he or she is registered in. We won many areas of the country for Trump by registering cross over voters, 1st time voters, or voters who had not voted in a long time. We can do the same in these state races across the country. It’s easy to find out how to register voters in your state. Anyone can do it, and you can get your church, club or team involved. The more unexpected voters we register in the GOP primaries, the better shot we have at overcoming their losing expectations and forcing a victory.

2. Help pro Trump candidates nationwide.
All of our pro Trump candidates are going to need Trumpers from across the nation to help them defeat the national swamp monsters. They need US to debunk the lies about them from the swamp and they need US to share that information nationwide like the swamp uses their media lapdogs to do. Yes, literally clicking “share” can help make America great again, so it’s easy to do your part to help.

For those who donate to the RNC – STOP! STOP it RIGHT NOW! They are using your donations to help undermine our president and to defeat the candidates that will support him. Send your donations directly to pro Trump candidates. When you visit their websites to donate, share them on social media. Sharing is free advertisement, and as such is so valuable in our battle against the media machine.

3. Get involved with other Trump supporters.
Whether it be a flag wave on an overpass, a MAGA meetup at a local pub, or daily chats in your favorite Trump group, connecting with other Trump supporters on a regular basis is key to taking on the Establishment. Their hope is that we get tired of being “involved” in politics, and they will then be able to go back to business as usual. By developing a support network of Trump friends and allies, we are more able to stay enthusiastically involved going into the hard several months of midterm elections we have ahead of us.

Fellow Trumpers, we have proven that we can in fact defeat the Uniparty with all of its media and millions. We elected Trump. I suspect soon we will add Roy Moore’s victory to our trophy case, and by applying the same patriotic passion and concerted effort we have so far, we can and will drain the swamp, take back our government and make America great again. But we must not slack. The mission to MAGA we started back in 2015 by supporting Trump has only begun. We won a great victory, but the battle for America isn’t over. We have to do our part to drain the swamp. We need to stop the Uniparty from their evil plot to oust our president. And we must keep this train of winning rolling down the tracks to MAGA. The Trump Train merely stopped at it’s first destination, the presidency, and now the conductor is calling “All Aboard, all aboard! Next stop, 2018!”

Hope to see you all on board the train.