Support Rob Pete! – Arrested In Berkeley

Fellow patriots, The Red Elephants have NEVER asked for help in the past. Not once.  We fight for those who can’t fight for themselves, always with heart and never expecting anything in return.

This past weekend one of our team members was arrested in Berkeley after the commotion died down.  He was merely carrying a wooden dowel he confiscated from one of the communist ANTIFA members.  A police officer stopped us after we were walking away from where we were victorious after pushing the communists out of Berkeley, and singled Rob out.

They arrested him on counts of battery, possession of a “deadly weapon” and other felony charges. We support the police, however the police in Berkeley are run by a chief that is a proven Hillary donor. the Berkeley chief of police is also pro-communism and anti-free speech.

It doesn’t look good, he is facing multiple felony charges. He will need the bail amount, lawyer’s fees, etc. Please, if you can donate anything for his bail amount, that would be greatly appreciated.  The bail is $30,000, however he will need 10% of this which is $3,000 to post bail.

You can find the link here – created by another one of our members, Jessica Runfola.

Bail Bondsman:

Lipstick Bail Bonds

Speak to Alexa 1-877-870-BAIL.

Robert Pete is the detainee.

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 11.03.20 AM

Here is Robert at the Santa Monica debate with us. Robert has been fighting with us at events since day one.  We go into town halls to fight sanctuary cities, to Trump rallies and countless other political events to fight for America, for our freedom of speech, and for our constitution.