Sunny Hostin Falsely Claims Police are ‘The Leading Cause of Death’ for Young Black Men

The View Co-Host Sunny Hostin recently falsely claimed that Police are ‘the leading cause’ of Death for young Black Men in America. Anyone with any knowledge of crime statistics in this country would laugh out loud at this wild and ridiculous claim, but unfortunately the fact that she was able to state this on a national tv show that has 3.2 million daily viewers is no laughing matter.

Hostin was parroting the abstract portion of an extremely methodologically flawed study from August of 2019, which was a rework of an earlier study by some of the same researchers. The earlier study claims that between 2013-2018, police force was the 6th leading cause of death for young black men in their 20s.

SUNNY HOSTIN: “When you think about it, the leading cause of death for young black men, one of the leading causes of death between 2013 and 2018 is police brutality.

JOY BEHAR:That’s what he was kneeling for.”

HOSTIN: “That’s what he (Kaepernick) was kneeling for, so the mere suggestion that we are past kneeling is ridiculous”

The extremely flawed study is at odds with CDC data, and also very different from what the world renowned Violence Policy Center data shows.  It is also in contrast with Bureau of Justice, the FBI, and every other empirical study known to academics. The earlier study also stated that the top three causes of deaths for young black men between the ages of 25-29 was “accidental death” (which includes drug overdoses), other homicides, and suicide. These deaths vastly outnumbered the amount of people killed in exchanges with the police, however it’s much more convenient for Hostin and the media to tout “police brutality” as the biggest problem black men have to face, instead of address those much more difficult issues.

The media, academia, and the establishment have a habit of parroting talking points that aren’t rooted in any form of logical reality or empirical data.  Take for instance their stance on black imprisonment. We constantly hear that the only reason for the high rate of black imprisonment is “racial systemic injustice.” This is yet another instance of stripping away any culpability for crime if the perpetrator is black or brown.

If we go to table 43a of the 2017 FBI crime statistics we can can see that black Americans, while only making up 13% of the population accounted for over 50% of the arrests for homicide in the year of 2017 for approximately 27% of the crimes noted.

It gets much worse than that actually. We can take a look at CDC numbers quoted by the American Council on Science and Health which shows that outside of just arrests for homicides, the homicide rate for black Americans is at approximately 20 per 100,000 VS the approximately 2 per 100,000 of whites.

Aside from FBI and CDC statistics, we can also see this scientific study here from the violence policy center that shows the homicide victim rate for black Americans at an upwards of 30 per 100,000 in almost every single state that was studied.  The national average in this paper showed the homicide victimization rate for black Americans in the country is at 20 per 100,000 which is on par with the CDC data, and not surprisingly so as we know that the major perpetrator of homicide against black males, are other black males.
This overrepresentation goes for almost all crimes according to data whether it be robbery, rape, aggravated assault, and others.  Just in case you’re wondering…. Rape has no correlation with poverty according to all data, and murder has almost no correlation either when we look at certain metrics.
There’s a reason why heavily Impoverished cities like Rio De Janeiro in Brazil and heavily impoverished countries like Guatemala are statistically a heck of a lot safer that Baltimore, Detroit, and St Louis.
I recently reached out to some of the paper’s researchers and asked how they controlled for certain factors in their study.  I have yet to receive a response but here is what I asked:

“I was reading through your study and was curious to know how you controlled for the fact that black men commit homicide at a rate that is 5 times the national average and about 20 times the rate of white men according to the CDC?  The rate of police run-ins, and the fact that black men commit crime at a rate that is excessively higher than any other race in the US.  We see approximately the same rate of crime by black men in England and Wales as well. I was also wondering if you accounted for gang membership being about 45% black and 45% hispanic. 

and only about 9% white.”
Larry Elder, an American attorney, author, and radio host had a great take on Hostin’s false claim. Elder’s take was far from a ‘blame-everyone-else-for-our-own-actions’ victimhood position.
Elder rightly asks “Where’s Black Lives Matter?” when it comes to black on black crime which is the real leading cause of death for black men…

And just to expand on Elder’s statement, other studies show that we should be extremely worried about the youngest generation of black males in America.  For instance, this study from Child Trends shows that the homicide rate for black male teens was 58.9 per 100,000 population, almost 16 times higher than the rate among non-Hispanic white male teens. Rates for males in other groups were 12.8 per 100,000 for Hispanics, 12.0 per 100,000 for American Indians, and 2.9** per 100,000 for Asian or Pacific Islanders.

The math is settled.  The statistics are settled and have been settled for a long time. The leading cause of death for black men outside of medical errors or disease is other black men who are mostly gang members, with illegally obtained weapons.