Student Banned From Class For Challenging Professor On Gender Wage Gap

Post Modernism Running Rampant in American Universities

Lake Ingle, a student at Indiana University, has been banned from a class that is required for graduation after he challenged his professor on her beliefs about gender identity and social constructivism.

Ingle says that his professor, who we know now is Alison Downie, forced the students to watch a Ted Talk that featured Paula Stone, a transgender woman who talked about “mansplaining” and “white male privilege.” After the video had concluded Ingle and another student say that Downie opened the floor only to only women to share their feelings about the video they watched. Ingle recounts that the Downie told the class that the men in the class can share their thoughts only after every woman had the chance to talk first.  Sounds super inclusive and indiscriminate right?

After a period of time when Ingle noticed that there was silence and that no other women appeared to speak, Ingle took the opportunity to refer to several official biologists who agree unanimously that there are in fact biological differences between men and women and that there are only two biological genders. Ingle said that he also vocally objected to Downie’s blatant discrimination based on sex.

In retaliation for challenging his in class, Ingle was served with several documents.  One of those documents was an academic referral form and another was an agreement.  These forms were provided by Ingle to The Red Elephants.

The referral form and the agreement state that Ingle was displaying “Disrespectful objection to the professor’s class discussion structure, refusal to stop talking out of turn and angry outbursts in response to being required to listen to a trans speaker discussing the reality of white male privilege”

According to the agreement that they are requiring Ingle to sign, it states that Ingle must provide a written apology to the professor and also stand up in front of class to make a public apology and explain why he was wrong. It states states that on March 8th, “Lake will begin class with an apology to the class for his behavior and then listen for silence as the professor or any student wishes to speak about how he or she felt during Ingle’s disrespectful and disruptive outbursts.” Ingle has refused to perform this public apology so far however the school has stated that this is the only way that he would be allowed back into the class that is mandatory for graduation.

The office of the Provost issued a letter to Ingle regarding the request they received from his instructor, Downie, to remove him from class. The letter states that they have received a request to “remove you from class due to behaviors that significantly disrupt the learning process in this class”

Ingle is currently seeking legal counsel as he says that the verbiage in the referral form and request for removal are extremely exaggerated and that multiple statements in both are completely 100% false.  He insists that this is just an attempt to bully him into redacting his views and that this is an attack on free speech.

He originally posted a Facebook post which attracted a lot of attention in which he recounted the incident.  His story was also confirmed by another student who witnessed what had happened. Ingle later removed the Facebook post for legal reasons, yet you can find it archived here.

Here is an interview that we did with Ingle where he recounts his story about exactly what happened…