Student Attacked for Objecting to ‘Try on Hijab’ Booth Set Up At University of Central Florida

The Islamization and Indoctrination of American Colleges

It seems like I have written hundreds of articles on higher learning and the travesty that it has become, and I would not be surprised if I have to write hundreds more.

This story is especially appalling though considering what took place after a student simply took a picture in objection to a ‘try on a hijab’ booth at her college campus.

Kathy Zhu, who is politically active especially on twitter, thought it was quite strange that there was a booth at her school actively and openly promoting the oppression of women via the hijab. The hijab in most muslim countries, is especially oppressive, because it is forced upon all women with threat of incarceration or worse if they do not wear it at all times while in public.

Zhu took a picture of what was taking place and posted the pictures on her twitter page to in objection to what was taking place…

Backlash immediately ensued.  Because, of course, how dare anyone have a differing opinion than you while believing that their country should remain of western values.  How dare an American in their own country want the schools that we pay for not to be pushing an ideology that is oppressive in nature and not compatible at all with our culture.

One of the women running the booth quoted Zhu’s tweet and called for all of twitter to try to get Kathy expelled for taking the picture and expressing her opinion.


Unfortunately, this is very normal for people used to a foreign, non-western thought process. “ignorance will not be tolerated on my campus,” the woman said while calling for Zhu’s expulsion.

We’re seeing more and more people like this calling for America to conform to them instead of assimilating to America.  For instance the countless calls for ‘America to become Mexico again,’ foreigners demanding that we as Americans change the way our life, our laws, take down our monuments and statues, open our borders and change our culture to match the third world sh*tholes they come from.

Notice how it’s only white countries that this ‘multicultural experiment’ is meant for.

Imam Talwidi, a famous Imam that is against the forced Islamization of European and America even chimed in and said that he emailed the school and encouraged everyone else to follow suit…