STRANGE ENCOUNTERS: Interviewing Protesters At The Protest Against Syria Strikes

Hundreds of protesters gathered in Los Angeles on Friday to march against Trump’s decision to strike Syrian airfields. As we made our way into the gathering, many standard chants could be heard.  “No racist USA,” and “hey hey Donald J, how many kids have you killed today,” we just a couple of many.  When participants were asked why they were not around to protest after thousands of bombs were dropped on Syria during the Obama administration, they couldn’t answer.  Most of the march-goers were however quick to speak out against the previous administration.

As Trump supporters are divided regarding the decision to strike Syrian airfields, one thing stayed consistent, the anti-trump protesters at this demonstration were strange.  Not only was one of the protesters literally named ‘sunflower,’ most of them didn’t even vote in the election.

One man who supported Bernie in the primaries and Hillary in the general election, stood on the Trump supporter side of the street. He states that he agrees with President Trump’s decision to strike the airfields. He goes on to say that he is proud of his President for the strikes.