Stockley Case: Ram A Squad Car, Get Shot

Judge Finds Shooting Armed Heroin Dealer Not The Same as Premeditated Murder

While the economy is skyrocketing, consumer retail inventory is up .2% in June, construction wages are up 30%, Steve Harvey and Ben Carson are getting inner city education centers off the ground. Yes, things have never looked worse for America.

Especially for inner-city heroin dealers. Before this gets started, in his book, “The Cross and the Switchblade” Reverend David Wilkerson notes that a lot of heroin dealers get started as heroin addicts, and then to feed the habit, start dealing heroin themselves. Also, if you ram a police car and lead them on a high speed chase, you are just not doing the right thing.

This is the opinion of the Missouri Circuit Court of the 22nd Judicial Court of Missouri, where what started with a heroin dealer at a Churches Chicken ended in death.


First of all,the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice has never attempted to bring hate crime charges, and before you go blaming it on Trump this happened in 2011, when Barack Hussein Obama was in Charge and Eric Holder headed up the DOJ, so cut the racism narrative off right there.


Secondly, as the court mentions, Officer Stockley saying “we’re killing this mother(fine gentleman), don’t you know” was heard on the mic in the middle of a 87mph chase down the wrong side of the road after they had been rammed twice and shots had been reported fired by police. This may have been stressful.


Stockley is a West Point graduate with service in Iraq where he suffered injury in a hotel bombing. In addition to meeting the rigorous requirements of this elite Military Academy, Stockley carried an AK-47 in his squad car in case ‘just in case’. More importantly, he had never, ever in his life ever met Anthony Smith, not during his time in High School, not during his time at West Point, not during his time on Active Duty. This, primarily, was a key factor in striking the 1st Degree Murder charge. It is very hard to claim premeditation when the police officer had never, ever met the subject in his entire life. Well, until the moment a high speed chase began and shots were fired. At that point, a peace officer is authorized to apply deadly force to protect the public, obliterating any duty to retreat or self defense requirements.


This whole horrible event is on camera, every step, from the public urination at Church’s Chicken to the aftermath of the shooting where Officer Stockley gets QuickClot from his car to aid the dying suspect. From the video the court sees further lack of premeditation since the officers, after a high speed chase and gunshots, made attempts to take Smith into custody. Also if this was a case of assassination, like one gang member killing another, you’d think Officer Stockley would have just riddled the car with bullets from his AK-47and driven off.

Furthermore, the court points to video evidence, and the angle of the camera as it related to the non-baggy clothing of the police to render the impossibility of planting a gun the size of the.38 found on hand in the dead Smiths’ possession, and basically what you have here is the sad case of a heroin dealer who panics, runs from the cops, and people say ‘oh but the gun was planted’, but:

Crack is whack, there’s no hope in hope in dope.

Source: 22nd Missouri Court No.1622-CR02212-01 Division 23 September 15, 2017.