Stefan Molyneux: “Cancel Culture is a Dress Rehearsal for Mass Murder”

Political philosopher and public speaker Stefan Molyneux asserts in a recent public speaking event that “cancel culture is a sociopathic dress rehearsal for mass murder.” He goes on to say that “when communist get into power and when socialists get into power, they kill us.”

Stefan Molyneux was banned from all major forms of social media not long before the 2020 election after being falsely labeled as a “racist” and an “extremist”.

“They call it character assassination, because it’s a rehearsal”, he says. “The kind of lies that are told about me in the mainstream media, in wikipedia and other places, are specifically designed to get crazy people to target me in a violent manner”.

“It’s an incitement to violence” 

“They’re seeing if people can be disappeared from social media” and that “if people can accept people being disappeared from social media, then they will accept people disappeared from the world.” 

You can watch the short speech in full below: