State Election Agencies: “Suspected Cyber-Attacks Sourced Back To Obama’s DHS”

It All Points Back To Obama’s DHS

News breaks today after an investigation by certain election agencies that the alleged “cyber attacks,” point back to DHS IP addresses.  This is just more proof that the false flag Russian interference, is indeed more fake than when the NSA director told us all under oath that the NSA wasn’t collecting information on Americans.

Three state election agencies have confirmed cyber attacks linked to Department of Homeland Security IP addresses, according to reports from WSB-TV in Atlanta. According to the report, agencies in Georgia, West Virginia, and Kentucky have all reported numerous attacks on their networks which were subsequently traced back to DHS addresses.

The news was originally broken by WSB-TV’s Aaron Diamant:


After the media’s first 9 excuses on how Donald Trump won the elections; Uneducated voters, racists, Russia, Comey, 3rd Parties, Electoral College, Alt Right Media, hacked machines, fake news, it seems they are right back to Russia again.

These newly surfaced confirmed election agencies investigations point right back to Obama, one of the worst presidents in recent history.  What is his end game? It seems as if he is trying to convince electors to vote for Clinton.  Think about this, our own government is now confirmed as interfering with our own elections. Of course this will all lead to nothing as it is slim to none that if the electors do go “faithless” they will not all vote for Clinton but some other republican candidate most likely.  And if Trump does somehow fall below the 270 threshold, it will go back to the house of representatives which will then vote Trump into office.