SPEECHLESS! Tucker Carlson Left USA Today Editor Slurring Speech After Heated Debate

Slurred Speech After Debate About Bannon Hit Piece

David Mastio, Editor at USA Today visited Tucker Carlson’s show for an ear full on how absurd it is to compare Steve Bannon, Donald Trump’s advisor to an ISIS leader.

Sometimes I just feel bad for some of these people that agree to be on Tucker’s show.  I find myself wondering why these visitors don’t come more prepared for what they knowingly are in store for.  The USA today piece of topic, not only compared Bannon to an ISIS leader, but attacked Bannon’s comments on ‘Islam being a religion of submission.’

Tucker started off the debate by showing a graphic of Al Baghdadi’s recent actions of things like beheading journalists and training child soldiers, next to Bannon’s track record of no such thing. Tucker then moved on to questioning why USA Today thought that Bannon’s comment was negative, even though being 100% factually true.  This is when it started to move into the cringeworthy department at around 8 minutes into the video.

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