Speech Or Not, Hoards Of Trump Supporters Are Bussing Out To Berkeley

Trump Supporters Amped And Showing Up In Mass, Despite Ann Coulter’s No-Show

Ann or no Ann, speech or no speech, hoards of Trump supporters are still making their way out to Berkeley as I write this and it won’t be for nothing.  Credible sources though, report that Ann will likely at least make an appearance and possibly even a surprise address to the crowd, even though the YAF backed out. We also have word that another controversial public figure will also be there.

Regardless if these reports on Coulter are correct or not, Gavin McInnes, Lauren Southern and hundreds of other free speech loving people are making their way out.  Even if it’s just to host their own speeches within MLK park once again.

Kyle Chapman, (Based Stick Man) and his entourage, Baked Alaska, The Red Elephants, The Proud Boys groups, Bikers for Trump and The Oath Keepers, just to name a few, all have ‘rubber to the road,’ to stand against the vile sub-human anarcho-communists for their right to speak freely. Many other groups who appeared in Berkeley on April 15th as well, are on their way north to the infamous town where the birth of free speech originated.

So come one, and come all.  We will take back the birthplace of free speech one rally and one speech at a time.  Come protect your fellow like-minded patriots from the leftists’ violence and intolerance.  Come stand up for our rights. Come stand tall in our call for American Universities that we pay for, to be doused in critical thinking and to break up the one-track indoctrination that is rampant there now.

Free Speech Rally Highlights From April 15th