Speaker Admits They Want To Inch Towards A Repeal Of The Second Amendment At The ‘March For Our Lives’

“When They Give Us An Inch, We Will Take A Mile”

A speaker at the “March For Our Lives” Protest on Saturday openly admitted to thousands of people the true goal of the campaign.

“We will take the big and we will take the small, when they give us an inch, the bump-stock ban, we will take a mile, we are not her for crumbs we are here for real change,” a speaker said during the march in Washington DC.

Sadly she is correct.  The American people have been giving up inches in gun regulations and restrictions for decades.  Guns have been around for two hundred years and every new gun legislation that has been imposed from the start has only affected the law abiding citizens here.

According to studies by the school of criminology, the 2013 study by the CDC and FBI crime statistics, approximately 90% of all gun crime that occurs in America are with illegally  obtained firearms and perpetrated overwhelmingly by gangs. This is a well documented fact that even MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough has admitted on his show openly. Twice. America has 33,000 street gangs here according to the FBI, and the most gang activity per capita of any of the other developed countries and it’s not even close.  Think about it, when was the last time you saw the Crips or the Bloods in Denmark or Norway?

The only countries with more gun crime that we have here are countries with more gang crime. Examples like Honduras, Columbia, Mexico, Brazil and Venezuela come to mind, where gun ownership for citizens is virtually outlawed. This countries have six times the amount of gun crime that America does, despite the fact that they all have sixty times less guns than we do here.

In Baltimore, St Louis, Chicago and many other cities with majority black populations the crime in general is high and over 90% of the crime guns that are obtained and seized by police are guns that were either originally stolen or purchased on the black market.

The common myth is that gang members, facing strict gun laws, will purchase their guns legally at a gun store in a neighboring state. But statistically this couldn’t be further from the truth.  Even CBS admits this in a segment they did about how gang members in Chicago obtain their weapons.

In Chicago for example, 75% of all murder victims are black 71% of the perpetrators of all murders were black, 83.4% of murders were from shootings, 97% of these murders were with handguns and 78% of those convicted had previous convictions and criminal history. Thus definitively proving most crime guns are purchased illegally on street like in the above scenario.

It’s Not Just The Rifles

I think that most people realize now that it’s not just the AR-15 they’re coming after anymore.  Surely the anti-gun crowd are at the very least aware that AR-15’s account for less deaths than hammers in this country right? Surely they know that according to all national databases of mass shootings, like this one, that the AR-15 has only accounted for 6 of the past 96 mass shootings right? They must know that almost all mass shootings and gun crime in general occur with handguns right?  Maybe not, but if they don’t know this then it is even more disturbing that they would sacrifice millions of people’s ability to protect themselves from the 3 million home invasions and the 320,00 rapes that occur each year in order to save around 15 lives per year.

Do people honestly believe that if someone who wants to shoot up a school but doesn’t have possession of an AR-15 would just stay home that day cleaning his Glock-19?  Obviously this type of thinking is easily debunked by historical data.  From 1994 to 2004 we already had a ban on so called “assault weapons” and still 16 mass shooting occurred during that period of time including the most famous one known as Columbine.  The shooters carried this out with handguns and a shotgun.  The same goes for the Virginia Tech shooting which was purely with handguns as well.

Does Banning Guns Actually Reduce Overall Homicides?

The anti-gun crowd love to refer to Euro-countries a lot when talking about gun control. Outside of the fact that America has tens of thousands more gangs than any of these countries and around 49 times the per capita gang activity, let’s dig into this.

In 1997, Britain imposed a handgun ban, not only did overall homicides skyrocket after this ban but murders by knives, blunt objects and bare hands did as well.  The underlying issue was never addressed.  The leaders of countries like this never focus on the why people are killing people but rather the tool that they use to kill.  This obviously is a losing tactic. They saved zero lives.

Another case they love to refer to is Australia where they had a mandatory gun buyback program in 1996 after the Port Arthur massacre that killed 35 people.  The buyback only was targeted at semi-automatic rifles and not handguns.  Today, Australia has more privately owned guns than before the buyback program and still didn’t save any lives.  Yes the deaths by guns decreased but the overall homicide and murder rate stayed the same for a full six years after the buyback.

As a matter of fact, the murder rate actually increased in some years following the new 1996 gun amnesty.

And then we have the UK as a whole.  Currently in the UK they are facing the largest rise in knife murders they have ever seen. The amount of knife crime is currently so high in the UK that they have having knife amnesty and knife turn-in bins all throughout their townships.

In the UK there are even government programs where psychologists and other aid workers are going into schools to talk with children about the dangers of knives and whey they shouldn’t be carrying them in schools.  Leaders and politicians of the UK even went so far as talking about banning knives with sharp tips on them.

The current violent crime rate per capita in the UK is around 933 per 100,000.  In America it is actually three times less at approximately 300 per 100,000, but according to them since the virtual ban on guns there, they’re doing quite well.

In the UK, they even built a 100 foot sculpture out of 100,000 knives that were involved in crimes and stabbings there.  Leaders of the UK will never openly admit that the rise in violent crime they’re having along with the rise in knife murders has anything to do with the rise in immigration, so they will probably pass laws shortly to make tipped knives illegal to own.

You have to be 18 to buy plastic utensil knives currently there…

Do Guns Save Lives?

In 2013, the Obama administration ordered the CDC to conduct the largest study on gun violence in America that has ever occurred.  The $10 million study was commissioned by President Barack Obama as part of 23 executive orders he signed in January of 2013.

The Institute of Medicine and the National Research Council released the results of their research through the CDC last month. Researchers compiled data from previous studies in order to guide future research on gun violence, noting that “estimates indicate that defensive gun uses range from about 500,000 to more than 3 million per year.”

If you take suicides out of the equation, we are left with approximately 11,000 murders that occur by gun each year in America.  It is important to note that this is three times less than what influenza kills yearly but I digress… So if guns stop anywhere between 500,000 and 3 million crimes per year doesn’t the good outweigh the bad?

On average, around 3 million homes are broken into each and every year and 1/3 of those homes are occupied at the time of the break-in.  It takes just a quick search on YouTube to find hundreds of thousands of clips of people defending their homes, families and businesses with their legally owned guns to find the answer to the question.