Social Media Platforms Ban Users from Mentioning Political Talk Show Host Nick J Fuentes #SayHisName

In an unprecedented case of censorship, the social media giants TikTok & Instagram have banned users from even mentioning the name of popular political talk show host, Nicholas J Fuentes.

This comes after well over 10,000 conservatives were abruptly banned from social media platforms just last month for what was called “platform manipulation”. Many conservatives had complained, saying that they had no idea what they had done to receive the ban.

This week, ABC news spearheaded calls to ban the political talk show host off of social media, citing Megan Squite (who says left wing terrorism is a “last resort of a diversity of tactics”) as the source on for the article.

While social media companies continue to showcase their ability to completely ban any and all discussion of a topic or political figure, they continually refuse to disallow racially divisive rhetoric to trend on their platform.

These social media platforms have been continuously called out on users who post threatening messages, while failing to remove the content.

Users can actually threaten the life of a sitting president of the United States, and social media companies will not remove them.

Censorship is almost always politically motivated, and has nothing to do with “speech being violence” as some would claim, because if that were true, comments such as those above would be removed from social media and the users who posted them would be investigated by the United States secret service.