Social Media companies CENSORING Hunter Biden Story — Emails Show Leveraging Connections With Joe Biden to Boost Burisma Pay

A bombshell report from the NYpost has revealed the seedy under-doings of the Biden family in Ukraine, as well as releasing photos of Hunter Biden (Joe Biden’s son) allegedly smoking what appears to be a crack or meth pipe. As can be expected, social media companies along with their liberal journalist counterparts are working overtime to censor the story, labeling it as false information, while forbidding new links to the story from functioning on the social media sites.

Senator Josh Hawley took to Twitter to blast Facebook over the brazen censorship of the story, saying ‘I want to know on what grounds you are actively censoring a news report about potentially illegal corruption by the Democrat candidate for president’.’

Twitter then went on to physically remove the story off of the NY Post Twitter page for “violating the Twitter rules”.

If you would like to read the story, without censorship, you can do so by opening up this thread below.