Shut Up Captain America, There’s a Difference Between Black Lives Matter Riots and Patriot Protests

Staying in your lane is a piece of advice that many people should take heed of. It’s usually for their own good because when they step outside of the expertise, they sound like total buffoons.

Chris Evans, of Captain America fame in the Marvel Cinematic University, thought he was hot stuff by giving his take on the January 6, 2021 incident when patriotic Americans stormed the capitol in protest against the  ruling class.

He stupidly tweeted, “Just think of the carnage had they not been white.”

I wonder where Captain America was when thousands of Black Lives Matter rioters were looting the country and attempting to burst into the White House and potentially attack the Secret Service? This was done in the honor of the drug-addled George Floyd who died largely due to the lethal amounts of Fentanyl in his system. Also, let’s not pretend that George Floyd is a saint. He had a criminal rap sheet that would make the most hardened of criminals blush. On one occasion, Floyd carried out a home invasion with a firearm pointed at a pregnant woman during his criminal act. Now that’s a martyr worth rioting for.

Going back to BLM mayhem. BLM riots across the nation claimed the lives of dozens of people, with a retired, black police officer David Dorn being one of the casualties of the onslaught. In Washington, D.C. on May 31, 2020, hordes of BLM radicals attempted to storm the White House and blow past Secret Service personnel.

If this isn’t an insurrection, then I don’t know what is. Over 60 Secret Service officers received injuries during the BLM rampage that kicked off on May 31, 2020 in Washington, D.C.  The street radicals hurled bottles, bricks, fireworks, rocks, and other objects at law enforcement and a number of Secret Service staff. And to Evans’ point about Secret Service shooting black protesters, not a single one shot at the wild mobs of BLM rioters during the late May 2020 insurrection. But keep telling yourself that BLM would have been massacred had they rushed the Capitol on January 6 instead…

Thankfully, these raging lunatics did not cause mass casualties nor could they break into the White House. Still, these leftist ruffians set fire to sacred monuments such as the 205-year-old St. John’s Church, which sits right across the White House. Since we live in an upside down, Clown World, big corporations forked over $10 billion to leftist radicals. In a way, it makes sense. These leftists radicals destroyed many small and medium-sized businesses, which are likely owned by right or right-leaning individuals. The destruction of these smaller businesses, who are already experiencing hardships due to the Covid lockdowns, now allow for corporations to swoop in and consolidate their hold over the market.

It’s amazing to think about how BLM have become de facto footsoldiers for woke capital. They were rewarded handsomely by Corporate America, who cut them  fat checks worth $10 billion after they trashed American cities nationwide. That’s 2020 for you, and 2021 is already looking like it will be even much crazier.

In conclusion, Black Lives Matter rioting resulted in the deaths of dozens of people and property damages that totaled over $1 billion. On the other hand, the storming of the Capitol only resulted in the deaths of 5 people, with one unarmed protester being gunned down by police.

Here’s a piece of advice to Chris Evans: Stick to the movies, chief. Your political takes are garbage.