SHOCKING: Youtuber Wakes Up to FBI Banging On His Door

FBI Leaving Post-It Notes?

In a shocking video, YouTuber ‘Duerst The Wuerst’ films an encounter with FBI agents who previously left strange post-it notes about ‘Charlottesville’ on his apartment door at weird hours of the day.

In this video, he shows a face to face encounter with FBI agents who issue the journalist with a subpoena to turn in any and all videos he has of the ‘Unite the Right’ rally that took place in Charlottesville, Virginia 3 months ago where fights broke out between left-wing members of Antifa and right-wing members who were protesting the removal of historic monuments.

The agent issues the subpoena directly to ‘Duerst’ in the video which vaguely calls for him to turn in the ‘evidence’ or have a warrant issued for his arrest.  It also calls for turning in of said ‘evidence’ by a certain date, or appear in court.

Well the thing is,  all of these videos, including his entire live stream from that day were already up on YouTube. Does the FBI even know how to internet?

Charlottesville ‘violence on both sides.’

The agent at one point says that they are just helping out the Arlington FBI field office in this, and that they have ‘nothing to do’ with the investigation and are ‘not sure’ why the subpoena was so vague in what particular videos it was requesting of Duerst.

The question… is this legal? Is it legal for the FBI show up at some random Youtuber’s door requesting videos? Yes it is, and it probably does keep us safe in the long run. However it doesn’t quite make sense from an ethical standpoint considering the FBI was leaving post-it notes on his door a week earlier. Not only that, but does the FBI know that they can just download videos from YouTube?  I guess not considering the terrible job they are doing (or have done) with the Vegas shooting investigation.

What are they still investigating? Just a few weeks ago it was exposed by law enforcement that Deandre Harris, the man who raised $160K after appearing to be attacked by Unite The Right rally attendees, was actually himself, arrested a month ago after authorities discovered Harris started the confrontation by hitting someone in the head first with a stick.

There violence was on both sides…