SHOCKER: The Protests In LA This Week, Got A Little Heated To Say The Least

LA Protests Recap:

Thousands gathered in Los Angeles California on Saturday to protest Trump’s recent ICE raids, and as almost always, there was a counter protest of Trump supporters.  Keenly posted up on the corner of Los Angeles city hall, 15 deep, the Trump supporters stood their ground, loud and proud.

The anti-Trump protesters curiously changed their marching route as soon as they saw pro-Trumpers around the bend. Predictably, however, some of the protesters couldn’t resist and drifted off from the march to meet the counter protest.  The protesters were there demonstrating against President Trump’s recent immigration sweeps, yes I know just like the thousands of sweeps Obama put in place which led to zero protests, but whoever said that liberals pay attentions to facts?  No one.

One thing led to another I guess you could say, and arguments ensued.  This particular female (should I check my pronouns?) – couldn’t understand why the police were letting the counter-protesters demonstrate on the corner of city hall.

Hardcore American:

Harim Uziel, a hardcore Latino Trump supporter, held his ground and defended himself against the onslaught of tyranny and genuine fascism the protesters were slinging upon him.  Including accusing him of being paid by President Trump to be there.  Newsflash Lady: Trump already won, he has no benefit from paying anyone, let alone minorities to talk in his favor.

Mindless Coelenterates:

Let’s Flashback to before all of this fun began.  Before the protesters met the counter.  It was somewhat peaceful, well except for all the annoying constant mariachi music and disgusting mango slices with Tapatio.  Steven Sisemore or “NAANS,” took to the streets to get a gist of why these protesters thought they were there.  From socialists touting Cuba as their favorite utopian society, to communist who think that Bernie can still win, you will see some outrageous and probably frightening things in the below video.


Oh yes the actual debates.  Of which there were plenty. This particular debate though, was different from the screaming ad whining SJW’s you normally see amongst the droves of mindless commies. This protester actually started to agree with this Trump supporter.