SHOCK VIDEO! – Police Officers Set On Fire By ANTIFA Protesters In France

ANTIFA Terror On Police

The strong push amongst the conservative, or just sane, community in America for Antifa to be deemed a terrorist organization, is not baseless nor is it not without evidence.  In fact just from one day in Berkley alone, you could be provided with sufficient undeniable proof that the Antifa group should be officially deemed as such.

If you thin that these subhumans are only here in America and just hate Trump, think again.   This group of anarcho-communists, or neo-marxists, have been around since after the first world war and are abroad in many different countries.

During May Day in France, some police were set ablaze by the neo marxist scum and apparently next to nothing was done about it.  Watch here.


Karl Marx taught his peers to project onto the population.  Essentially to call everyone and anyone who opposes their views, the worst possible label imaginable, so that their actions of violence are justified in the public eye. For example, ‘racist,’ ‘fascist’ or ‘Nazi.’

In essence, this coalition of terrorists are in the epitome of fascism according to the actual doctrine of fascism by Benito Mussolini himself.  The very foundation where their own doctrine was birthed came from these teachings.