SHOCK VIDEO: Man Wrestles Knife Away From Would Be Attacker On London Bus

With the many recent terror attacks in London, Sweden, Germany and across the western world, people have been left on high alert.  ‘If you see something say something,’ used to be the mantra after 9/11, however this even has been deemed a ‘racist’ term in the current era of identity politics and political correctness.

There have been several attacks by Islamic terrorists by way of knife and vehicle in recent news and this particular occurrence  looked like it had ‘nightly breaking news’ written all over it, until one man stepped in and took action.

On what looks to be the inside of a London open-air bus, a man with an approximately 8 inch knife was threatening passengers allegedly, waving the knife around violently.  As the passengers inside the bus frantically moved away from the would-be assailant, one man stepped in and wrestled the attacker, forcing the knife out of his hands.

Getting cut in the process, the suspect finally gave up, letting go of the weapon and running off of the bus as quickly as he could. Following the scuffle, the ‘hero’ can be heard yelling “I am African, you never threaten my life.”

Was this supposed to be yet another European terror attack?