SHOCK VIDEO! – Camera Stops Bullet, Saving Journalist’s Life In Iraq

A Matter Of Inches

Mosul, Iraq – Ammar Alwaely, an Iraqi journalist, was filming in a known war-zone that has been under the attack of ISIS for almost a year when a sniper opened fire on Alwaely and his crew.

Another man with Alwaely, filming as well, caught the round of the sniper’s rifle hitting Alwaely’s camcorder just inches away from his head, and deflecting the round away from Alwaely’s person.  Experts are saying this likely saved his life.

Following the impact, you can hear one of the men say “Ammar, that was f***ing close, man,” as Alwaely took cover behind their vehicle attempting to regather himself.

Iraq has proven to be one of the most dangerous places for journalists as almost 80 journalists have lost their lives in 2016, and the 2017 numbers are looking like they will top this number.