SHOCK VIDEO! – British Nationalists BRAWL With ANTIFA Scum


Citizens Proud Of Country, It’s Borders, Language And Culture, Refusing To Submit To Globalist Bureaucratic Control

In an age where the radical left is dying out like a screeching parasite doused with super antibiotics, there is a revolution brewing across the entire globe. Nationalists are fighting back and calling for a restoration to their sovereignty in almost every country across the face of the earth.  Predominantly, in nations where a revolution vote has taken place like America, Britain with ‘BREXIT,’ and what seems likely to happen in France with LePen, citizens that are proud of their country, it’s borders, language and culture, are refusing to submit to globalist bureaucratic control.

Meanwhile in London England, the ‘Britain First’ nationalists are fighting against ANTIFA thugs there and quite literally.  Much like what is happening here stateside, almost every month, it seems like.  This is yet another example of the 3 headed monster taking turns biting itself, which is the leftist cultural Marxists.

Here is a clip from Paul Golding on twitter showing the tail end of the brawl that took place today between ‘Britain first’ and ‘ANTIFA.’

Surprisingly after we have seen countless videos of Nigel Farage on multiple outlets touting his support for not only ‘BREXIT,’ but Donald Trump as well, you can hear the British nationalists chanting “Donald Trump – We Love You” and “Britain First – Fighting Back.”  Everyone wants to be an American now that Donald Trump is in office.



Pro Trump rallies are starting to form not only across America monthly, but across the Atlantic sea as well.  The ‘silent majority’ will stand silent no longer, and the borders, language and culture of the pro sovereignty will soon persist and become permanent.